All Things Are Possible to Him Who Believe.

Mark 9:23

Suit Up Charlotte is a faith-based 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. We serve and suit up men exclusively both inside and out. Our focus is placed on the development and sustainability of men, their healthy relationships, and their families!

In 2009, SUC was launched as an affiliate member of a nationally recognized workforce development agency that had realized great success in transforming the landscape for “hard-to-employ” individuals. Our current model evolved out of a need to provide business attire for men as they prepared to enter or re-enter the workforce. Currently, we partner with various nonprofit organizations, government agencies, veteran groups, homeless shelters, and job training programs in Charlotte and surrounding areas to dress the men we serve in well-fitted, business attire and develop and deliver impactful workshops.

Cerita Lindo Executive Director


Feel Empowered Through Our Suits and Professional Development Services


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COVID-19 has caused businesses and organizations everywhere to re-evaluate safe contact. Suit Up Charlotte is committed to being responsive to the needs of the men we serve as well as our volunteers and team members. SUC has limited the number of in-person fittings that we are able to provide.

To maintain social distance protocols, SUC has instituted contactless appointments.

What We Offer


Professional & Business Attire

The Haberdashery at SUC guarantees making the first impression a lasting impression. How men look and feel makes the difference not only to them, but how they are perceived by others. We are passionate about serving strong men, contributing to making better fathers, making an impact on recidivism, and building up men who will lead in our communities. The Haberdashery is our foundational program that provides a dry-cleaned tailored suit, shirt, tie, a pair of shoes and accessories; we typically suit 400 men annually.

Professional Development Series

There were a number of our partners providing soft skill training, job readiness training and resume writing workshops. SUC address the appearance of men and how and why it matters in real and fundamental ways. Our collaborative partners refer clients to receive our services when they are ready for the next step. Our training ensures participants learn and utilize the business and social skills to achieve professional success.