Fly Tie Project

August 3, 2020 admin 0 Comments

Each year during Suit Up Charlotte Annual Holiday Fundraiser we “spotlight” a targeted group of men amongst the population we serve. We have had the privilege of serving young men who have aged out of foster care along with gentlemen from the NextGen program.

The safety net known as home or the transitions of young men, shifting from foster home, to group homes, to halfway houses, to psych wards, to homelessness or to jail after they have aged out of foster care is why they are our primary focus!

Suit Up Charlotte has chosen to “spotlight” Ron and Shyun and a portion of the proceeds from this project will be used to impact their lives directly.

The Fly Tie Project is a virtual event that will last through November. During the next eight weeks we welcome you to join us and select your Fly Tie!

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